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The Tera GTM has an Intergrated tank and generator for an all in one solution to your dust suppression needs. The water usage and power consumption can be adjusted to suit each site or situation.

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Preventing dust emissions during internal & external demolition, strip out and waste recycling operations is essential as the government applies stricter regulations on air quality control. In an attempt to prevent local residents and the workforce from suffering from respiratory problems, Dehaco have developed the new generation of innovative portable dust control units.  

-  These dust suppression units emit a fine mist of water droplets that control dust particles.

- No pump as the nebuliser draws the water up and disburses it.

- Adjustable water consumption as standard.

- Adjustable fan speed / power as standard.

- Electric oscillation as standard.

- Robust design with galvanised, non-rust panels.

- Kohler low emission diesel engine in generator dust control models.

- Patented Demto nebuliser - reduced energy consumption & no more blocked nozzles!

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For a smaller option please see below the Tera 25.  This unit uses a gardena hose and 110v connection, its spray ranges up to 25m to combat internal spaces or particularly dusty areas.


The smallest dust suppression unit that we offer is the Tera 15, which has been particularly popular within the waste and recycling industries.  Like the Tera 25, this unit uses a gardena hose and 110v connection.  The spray ranges up to 15m to combat internal spaces or particularly dusty areas, the Tera 15 can be mounted up high or used from the ground as it has an adjustable tilt.

TERA 60 & TERA 25
Demto-Rotor® Spray Head

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