DTS 100


Demolition Floor Stripper DTS100.png

DTS 170


Demolition Floor Stripper DTS170.png

Produced by Dehaco of the Netherlands, the floor strippers are a result of more than 30 years experience in specialist demolition equipment. This experience has resulted in a floor stripper that is powerful but easy to operate, where all different types of flooring can be quickly and effortlessly removed.

Main features include:

  • Easy to operate with forward and reverse settings.

  • Powerful motor with starting current limitation.

  • Safety switch provides optimum safety of operators.

  • Easy to transport - handle & weight are removable.

  • Every DTS includes a tool box containing:

- V shaped blade

- U shaped blade

- Flat blade

- Ear protection

- Eye protection

- English manual

A comprehensive list of technical specifications and an explanation of the features of the two different models of floor stripper can be found in the brochure below. 

Dehaco Floor Stripper Brochure.pdf

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