Magnet with Three Leg Chain



Magnet with Head Plate



Dehaco’s DMH hydraulic magnet range are simple in design yet highly effective. They can be fitted to any hydraulic excavator or crane using the machines standard auxiliary hydraulic circuit.  The strong magnetic field that is produced makes the lifting and moving of ferrous scrap metal an easy task.  Once the flow of hydraulic oil to the magnet is stopped the ferrous material will be dropped immediately. All of the magnets components are assembled and enclosed in a robust, smooth housing manufactured from high quality materials.  This protects the magnet from shocks and objects entering the housing. The coil of the magnet has a very low current density, this prevents an accumulation of heat within the coil and ensures reliability.

The capacity of the magnet is dependent on the diameter of the magnet, its generator and the type of material that will be lifted. Dehaco has 5 models of hydraulic magnet with diameters from 820mm to 1500mm, that are suitable for excavators from 10 to 50 ton carriers.  Coupling the hydraulic magnet to the carrier is possible using either the three leg chain, a bossed top bracket or a hydraulic coupler such as OilQuick. The hydraulic magnets can be used for a wide range of applications including the sorting of demolition waste and loading / unloading of ferrous materials by recycling companies. 

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