Okada Aiyon Corporation have been manufacturing since 1938, they are established as one of the leading worldwide demolition attachment manufacturers whose concrete pulverisers are renowned for their high quality, durability and excellent performance.

Excellent design features include:

  •  All Okada pulverisers are designed, tested and manufactured in Osaka, Japan.

  • Oil flow speed valve, built into pulveriser cylinder, reduces cycle time - very fast operation.

  • Pulveriser bolt on tooth plate system option.

  • Wider pulveriser jaw opening and larger concrete crushing area.

  • Shell shaped wedges provide high concrete crushing ability.

  • Short body shape - easy to operate the hydraulic pulveriser.

  • Option of intergrated magnet on base of pulveriser for collection of metal (HMAV type).

  • Winner of NFDC / IDE innovation award 2017.

Okada Product Line Brochure.pdf

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